A hommage to Super Mario

This week Mario Balotelli caused a fuss by trying (and failing) to score with an audacious back heel. Although having an argument with your manager isn’t best advised, I don’t get why everyone went mad. It was a friendly. It’s where you try things out. If he had scored then I’m sure people would have been saying how clever it was!

Anyway, I don’t really want to dwell on thhat, but I figured it could set up this week’s highlight reel quite well. So here are the top 5 backheel goals I have seen. I know I may have missed some obvious ones but nevertheless here’s my pick of the bunch. If you have any other suggestions of ones I have missed or ones you think should be considered, why not let me know!

5) Thierry Henry Vs Charlton

Jonathan Fortune probably thought he had done enough. Tight on Henry, back to goal, nowhere to turn, the only thing Henry could do to score would be… oh wait, he did it.

4) Djimi Traore Vs Liverpool?!

Bit of a cheeky one, but as own goals and back heels go, this is one of the best. Poor Djimi got his feet in one hell of a mess, performed a lovely pirouette, and sadly for the full back it’s probably what he’s most remembered for.

3) Gianfranco Zola Vs Norwich

The little wizard did some outstanding things whilst he was at Stamford Bridge, and this one’s up there. The jury’s still out on whether Graeme Le Saux whipped in a great cross or just duffed it, but what followed was a magic piece of improvisation from the pint-sized Italian. Reaction and execution – perfection.

2) Corridon Vs Porto

To be honest prior to seeing the goal on Champions League Weekly one night, I had no idea wh this guy was. And I’m not sure what he became. Rafa Van der Vaart scored a similar one in his Ajax days, but this one was from the edge of the area, and the audacity for him to perform a flying overhead kick gets him second spot in my book. Bien joue!

1) Matty Burrows Vs Portadown

In my book it deserved to win the Puskas Award last year for goal of the year. Either way, amazing tekkers from Burrows scoring from a cross, with his back to goal, from 18 yards out. And to top it off it was the winner in the 92nd minute. Glentoran’s never had it so good.