Why, Why, Why, Fernandoooooo

We have seen some brilliant moments already this season. And some bad moments too. But none quite like Fernando Torres’ bad moment at the weekend at Old Trafford. His move to Stamford Bridge has been far from ideal. Only 2 goals in 25 appearances for the club, it’s hardly the form of a £50m player. However, where as last year Torres looked jaded and lacklustre, there have been vast improvements this term. Particularly in Sunday’s game, Torres looked livelier, making the runs of Torres of old, and even notched up a goal. When that moment did come in the 83rd minute when el Ninio looked every bit of a striker searching for confidence, it was indeed a crafty bent run behind the United back four that created the mass of space, and some close footwork exposed David De Gea’s goal, yet it was the finish that deserted him.

I for one am a big fan of Torres and really hope he can find his form once more to terrorise defenders all over Europe, however, I’m also never one to pass up the opportunity to look at a top 5. So here’s Fernando’s miss in all its glory, followed by 5 more of the best. As usual, you have your own opinion so get in touch if you have other suggestions.

Ronny Rosenthal

Back to the good old days for this one. Often regarded as one of the worst misses ever in any poll, it seems only fair to start with the Israeli’s tremendous gaffe for Liverpool. He round the keeper much like Torres, and even goes one step further than Fernando by controlling the ball to compose himself, and then… oh well, I suppose no one would remember his name otherwise…

Ryan Giggs

Back to the scene of the crime – Old Trafford. Often regarded as scoring one of the greatest goals in FA Cup history, Giggsy also has the honour of one of the worst misses in FA Cup history. Losing 2-0 to the old enemy, Becks has just been battered in the face by Sir Alex, but all’s well cause Giggs has eluded Keown, Seaman and Campbell, has all the time in the world, can get the game back on track….oops!

Diego Forlan

Highly regarded as one of the top strikers in the world at present, it hasn’t always been that way for the Uruguayan international. During his time at Man Utd, Forlan struggled to buy a goal, but it looked like his luck was in when Juventus defender and keeper got in a mix up and he found himself 6 yards out with the goal at his mercy… did he score? Did he balls!

David Villa

It’s not just Fernando. His Spanish strike partner David Villa has a massive tendency to miss open goals. In searching for this I found a whole catalogue of Villa’s misses from two yards out, that suggest he could make his own dvd (seriously YouTube it!). So I just picked one at random. For one of the world’s best strikers you do think that maybe it’s Barca and Spain that make him look good, cause his finishing at times is questionable!

Nwankwo Kanu

No miss reel would be complete without the lanky Nigerian. You know the one. One yard out. Needs no explanation. Enjoy.

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